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The "winter 2021-2022" edition of the Piancavallo Magazine has just been published and you can browse through it virtually by clicking here. In this issue you will also find an article dedicated to us, for those who haven't had the chance to read it, here it is. Enjoy it!

Mountain Arnica, an Oscar-winning flower

mountain Arnica harvest

On September 11th in Udine, Coldiretti Giovani Impresa FVG (Young Agriculturists of the Friulan region) awarded the Oscar Green 2021 prize to ARMO1191, producer of mountain Arnica in Piancavallo, in the category 'sustainability and ecological transition'. The firm has entered the national final in Rome

By Ferdi Terrazzani
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"And the Oscar goes to... ARMO1191!".

No, we are not at the famous ceremony for the awarding of the coveted statue that rewards the best performances of the film industry, but the satisfaction of those who have been awarded is no less. We are talking about the Oscar Green, a competition organised by Coldiretti Giovani Impresa,  divided into 6 different categories, with the aim of rewarding innovation in agriculture.

On September 11th in Udine, the ceremony for the Friulan 2021 edition saw the triumph of ARMO1191, producer of mountain Arnica in Piancavallo, in the SUSTAINABILITY AND ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION section. But there is more. In fact, the young ARMO team will be present at the national final in Rome as the only representatives of the Friuli Venezia-Giulia region.

Mountain Arnica ARMO1191 team

"A great recognition - explains Andrea Muner, partner of ARMO1191 - for our company and for our constant commitment to the protection and preservation of this species, mountain Arnica, which is increasingly threatened by the risk of extinction not only locally, but also in Europe, due to the massive collection of wild specimens dictated by a great demand of the market.

Whatever happens in Rome, Muner continues, it will be an opportunity for us to raise awareness of the issues we are fighting for, that is, sustainable agriculture, respect of the natural habitats and what nature provides us, but also the difficulties of an essential pioneering agriculture in an unpredictable place like the mountains.

Mountain Arnica cultivation in Piancavallo

What better way to celebrate 10 years of activity here in Piancavallo! "We started from scratch - says Antonio Conzato, owner of ARMO1191 - with a dream which maybe now is something more. With our 140,000 planted seedlings we are now the largest cultivation of mountain Arnica known in Europe, and the desire is to continue growing and improving".

ARMO is an articulated project which closes the supply chain by producing high quality natural cosmetics based on mountain Arnica, bringing the name of Piancavallo among the excellences of the Made in Italy. Those who took part in their summer events were able to see with their own eyes the passion, care, and attention for the details that distinguishes them.

The traditional Arnica Festival at the end of June was a great success, with established partners such as The Eupolis Associated Studio, The Ortoteatro Company and the Libravoce Group providing entertainment for the many participants.

Francesca Muner Arnica party 2021

"It has been an intense summer, full of events - Francesca Muner, partner of ARMO, tells us. We would like to thank the participants of the 1st Photographic Contest named "The Territory, the Mountain Arnica and the Wild Flora of Piancavallo", organised in collaboration with the "Per le antiche vie" – “Along the antique roads” club and the new-born Rete Turismo Friuli (The Friulan Touristic Net) for the logistics. Their photos contributed to liven up the shopping centre of Piancavallo allowing everyone to observe the magnificent territory that surrounds us from a different perspective.

Among the various activities we have carried out, we cannot fail to mention the evocative "Aperitivo al tramonto" (“the sunset aperitif”) organised together with our friends from InTheLoop, which took place in our oldest cultivation area with a breath-taking view over the plain. It was a memorable evening. We would like to sincerely thank all those who took part in the events we organised this summer, those who organised them with us, those who came to help us with the harvest, even on a voluntary basis, and those who just dropped by to say hello, to satisfy their curiosity or to take a few photos".

ARMO1191 InTheLoop party

The appointment with the ARMO representatives is for next summer, but Piancavallo, as we could see from the photos submitted to the competition, always offers a reason to be experienced.

In Piancavallo, in every season, something magical always happens! 🌠

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