Why choose an ARMO1191 product?

Why choose an ARMO1191 product over any other Arnica product? There are many reasons, let's find them out together!

Andrea Muner mountain Arnica

Arnica products: a 'war' of names and percentages

When we enter a pharmacy, a para-pharmacy, an herbalist's shop, or when we are simply looking for an Arnica product on the web, we are confronted with a great quantity of different products, of different brands and above all with different labels and wording.

At first you may be a bit lost, then you may be attracted to one package rather than another, your eye falls on a label that claims, "Arnica 95%" or "Arnica 100", or "Arnica for horses" or "strong Arnica ", but how can we choose the best one? What do these numbers and percentages mean?

The Arnica genus comprises 32 species, but which is the best?

To understand how to move around the shelves and make an informed choice, we must start from the beginning and understand one fundamental thing, the Arnica genus includes 32 species, but the important ones for phytotherapy are mainly two, namely Arnica montana L., which is mainly widespread in Europe, and Arnica Chamissonis Less. The latter, found in America, is easier to cultivate but poorer in active principles.

 Mountain Arnica flower field in Piancavallo

In Europe, Arnica montana L. grows at a height which goes from 800 to 2500m, on poor soils such as heathlands and meagre and siliceous pastures. Its cultivation is difficult, the seed has an uneven germination rate and the considerable mortality of the plants due to yet unknown causes discourages those who try to test themselves with this specific type of crop.

The problem of harvesting wild plants

For this reason, wild harvesting has always been practised, but nowadays it is seriously endangering the species. According to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), the population is declining in many European countries, and in some cases it is almost completely extinct.

Insiders themselves admit that the once-generous harvesting sites are becoming less productive from year to year, despite the fact that in some cases sustainable management protocols of the natural resources have been introduced.

Pay attention to the label

Another prerogative that allows us to make an informed choice is to understand what the numbers and wording on the label mean. The key ingredient in an Arnica product should be the Arnica extract itself (one hopes!), which can be made from the fresh or dried flowers (where the active ingredient is more present) or the whole plant (where the active ingredient is less localised).

It is also important to understand the type of solvent (e.g., water, alcohol, oil, etc.) that was used to extract the active ingredient from the drug (flower or plant), and in what ratio it was used.

More solvent and less drug will give a “lighter” extract, while the opposite will give a “stronger” extract.

To put it simply, a product that reports, "Arnica 95%" is not necessarily more effective than one that reports "Arnica 15%", because it all depends on the extract used.

Mountain Arnica flower

Why should you choose an ARMO1191 product?

We cultivate Arnica montana L. organically, preserving its natural habitat. For our extract, we use only selected flowers, hand-picked at their best balsamic time, when the warm summer sun has ripened them to the highest level of active ingredient, and then dried to remove the water.

We use certified organic sunflower oil as a solvent and above all we do not use any “chemical shortcuts”.

Laboratory testing carried out on our flowers show that the presence of sesquiterpene lactones (the substances that mostly characterise mountain Arnica and to which the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties are attributed) is double the minimum standard required by the European pharmacopoeia.

Making a more informed choice

With these small clarifications, the next time you need to buy an Arnica product it may be a little easier to choose it. But if you're curious and you want to know more, you can visit the "Arnica" section of our website, where you'll find lots of other information.

Do you want to follow our advice? Leave Arnica for horses behind, choose an ARMO1191 product, a reference for your well-being!

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