Why are our Arnica products the best you can find on the market?

Why are our mountain Arnica products the best on the market? Simple, because our products really contain mountain Arnica! Let's find out how to evaluate the quality of a product and why we believe that our products are the best on the market in this article: the raw material and the type of extract surely make the difference!

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Ours is not only “poetry”

Data, measurements, numbers, percentages. We hear about these things every single day, we are constantly bombed by all kinds of advertising with all kinds of slogans. "Arnica 90%" or even "Arnica 98%" are just some of the claims on well-known Arnica products on sale, but have you ever wondered what they mean?

There is certainly a lot of poetry in our work, and you will have noticed that our labels do not carry astronomical percentages. But we do also work with numbers, because they give us an idea of the value of our products.

We like to do this in a scientific way, putting forward tangible data and trying to detach from the "war of those who declare the highest percentages" that characterises the world of Arnica products.

So how is the quality of a product evaluated?

A product is evaluated by the quality of the extract from which it is made of, which in turn depends on the quality of the raw material from which it was made of.

Supercritical titrated extract of organic mountain Arnica flowers

Most of our competitors usually talk about the QUANTITY of extract in their products (see Arnica 90%), but it is the QUALITY of the extract that makes the difference.

This is evidenced by chemical laboratory analyses.

So how is an extract evaluated? By its title.

What is the title? Titration is the process of precisely determining the concentration of the functional active ingredients (in our case of mountain Arnica) that are actually present in the extract.

This is the fundamental parameter used to understand the effectiveness of a product. If a product is made from a non-titrated extract, there is no point in comparing percentages.

We can therefore say that it is not only the amount of extract that is present in a product that is important in determining its validity, but the quality of the extract with which it has been made.

A product consisting of a small percentage of a good extract is far better than a product consisting of a very high percentage of a bad extract.

Gel Cream Arnica 90

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What is sought in the title of an extract?

It depends, an extract of mountain Arnica has a rich Phyto complex (read what the Phyto complex is). The presence of sesquiterpene lactones such as Helenalin and Dihydrohelenalin are generally sought to judge its concentration and efficacy (find out more by visiting the PubMed.gov portal).

Sesquiterpene lactones are the substances that mostly characterise mountain Arnica, and to which the main therapeutic assets are attributed. Other important substances are carotenoids, flavonic glycosides and thymol.

Our extract and our products

The analyses carried out on our supercritical fluid extract by the University of Padua laboratory, revealed the presence of 12% sesquiterpene lactones, a quantity three to four times higher than the best titrated extracts currently on the market (3-4% sesquiterpene lactones).

Percentage sesquiterpenes Arnica

In this graph, you can see that the percentage of sesquiterpenes in our extract is significantly higher than in the best titrated extract on the market today.

Therefore, given the fact that our best competitors claim to use 1% of a 3-4% titrated extract in their commercial products, and that we use 0.5% of our 12% titrated extract, we can claim that our products contain up to 50% more active ingredient.

Competitors who do not use titrated extracts can therefore say and write whatever they please on the label, but the truth is that their products are simply NOT COMPARABLE to ours.

Arnica products ARMO1191A practical example for your purchases

Don't be fooled by products with claims such as 'Arnica 90%' on the label. This is a common trend, especially among Arnica gels for horses.

These gels are made up of over 90% water and alcohol, so what does this percentage mean? It means that inside the gel there is 90% water extract and alcohol extract (the mother tincture) of Arnica. Little more than an herbal tea!

Taking the raw material and steeping it in water or alcohol is surely the easiest method of obtaining an extract. But in what proportions? How much of the active ingredient is in this extract? How many flowers have been used? And which flowers?

This applies to any product made from any extract. Once this is understood, we will be able to make an objective choice without being influenced by all the advertising slogans.

Mountain Arnica cultivation in PiancavalloThe raw material and the extract make the difference

In conclusion, we can say that our raw material, that is, the mountain Arnica flowers coming exclusively from our organic cultivation in Piancavallo (PN) and our 12% titrated extract obtained using the supercritical fluid technique, make the difference.

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