What is mountain Arnica used for?

What is mountain Arnica used for? Which use can we make of it? Let's find out together when we can actually benefit from the effects of this very useful plant!

Mountain Arnica perfect flowerMountain Arnica, a concentration of functional substances

In a previous article, we saw what mountain Arnica is in detail (read the article here), but when is it actually useful and at times indispensable?

Mountain Arnica is a plant with a great anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving power. This is due to the presence of certain substances named sesquiterpene lactones. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this plant are attributed to these molecules, particularly to helenalin.

In addition to the sesquiterpene lactones, as many as 150 active therapeutic substances present in Arnica, such as flavonoids, essential oils, carotenoids and caffeic acid have been identified so far. Mountain Arnica is known for its numerous assets, including those referring to its anti-tumour, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antioxidant ones.

When nature comes along to help us

So, what is mountain Arnica used for? The people of the European Alpine Arc have always known mountain Arnica as a natural remedy, especially for traumas and muscle and joint pain.

The external topical use of mountain Arnica preparations such as creams and massage oils are strongly recommended in case of contusions and strains, to relieve pain and reduce bruising.

The use of Arnica is also particularly indicated in the treatment of muscle and joint pain, such as back pain, stiff neck, contractures, inflammations, and sprains, which are frequent problems, especially for those who practice sports.

Arnica massage


The benefits of this plant however do not stop here. Its inflammatory power makes it effective as an after-sun lotion, on burns with no open wounds and on insect bites.

Its vasodilating and draining action also make it a real remedy for swollen or sore legs and feet.

The external use of Arnica preparations does not have any specific side-effects, except for the recommendation to not use it on injured skin or bleeding wounds.

Quality makes the difference

The Arnica genus includes 32 species, but the one that is certainly the most important for phytotherapy is Arnica montana L. It is therefore essential to understand that the benefits we have listed are more evident when the quality of the preparation we use is higher, and consequently the quality of the raw material from which it is made (read an interesting fact about our raw material).

The products of our ARMO1191 range are made exclusively from Arnica montana L., which is organically grown by hand in Piancavallo (PN). Our controlled supply chain allows us to create natural cosmetics with a high concentration of functional substances, making them truly effective. All you have to do is try them!

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