ARMOULTRA: new ultra-powerful formula

The constant research and desire to achieve perfection. This is where ARMOULTRA is born in the new ultra-powerful formula . Simply the best mountain Arnica cream you can find.

The usual cream, but even more concentrated

It was not easy to put our hand to a product so loved and appreciated, but the desire to offer our customers the best they could find pushed us to create something sensational.

For this reason ARMOULTRA , a cosmetic cream based on Arnica montana ( what is Arnica? ) Enriched with Peppermint essential oil, has not been modified, but simply made even more effective .

It took us a long period of study, research and testing to overcome the already high quality of the previous formulation. But in the end we succeeded. Let's find out how!

A new excerpt

Underlying it all is a new type of extract. To create our products, until now, we have always used an oily extract made with our dried flowers of organic Arnica montana.

Arnica montana collection Piancavallo flowers

This extract, according to the analyzes carried out in a university laboratory, already showed a high presence of functional substances, which made it one of the best when compared with the other extracts based on Arnica montana on the market.

But that wasn't enough for us.

Extracted in supercritical fluid

This particular extraction method involves the use of a special machinery that uses a natural gas as a solvent . But let's try to understand in more detail how it works.

The gas, which is pressurized and brought to the supercritical state , is sent into the machine and pushed through the plant matrix, in our case the dried organic Arnica montana flowers.

In the supercritical state, the gas acquires a density comparable to that of a liquid but maintains the permeability similar to that of its starting state. This allows it to penetrate completely into the matrix (our flowers) and cross it, taking with it all the substances related to it.

Depending on the set pressure and temperature parameters - and this is where the skill of the technician carrying out the extraction plays a fundamental role - it is possible to selectively extract some molecules or groups of molecules. At the end of the process, when the pressure drops, a highly concentrated, natural gas-free compound is obtained.

Supercritical dry extract titled Arnica montana Piancavallo ARMO1191

Even the most advanced technology alone is not enough

We can say that our extractor technician has been able to perform highly artisanal and tailor made work, comparable to that of an excellent winemaker or a master brewer, wisely guiding technology to make the most of what nature has made available to us.

Attention and respect for the environment

The method of extraction through supercritical fluids is totally green . The gas that is used during the process is taken from the environment, brought to the supercritical state, and completed the extraction cycle brought back to the gaseous state to be reused.

This allows, at the end of the cycle, to obtain a very concentrated and solvent-free compound , unlike an extract in which organic solvents such as oil or alcohol are used, which inevitably dilute the active ingredient.

Green supercritical fluid technology

The importance of owner of the extract

Certifying the quality of the extract obtained, in a world full of products with labels bearing all kinds of words, is very important to help the consumer make the best choice.

By titration we mean the concentration of active principle (Arnica in our case) which is actually expressed within our extract . This parameter is essential to understand the effectiveness of the product we are analyzing.

If the extract is not titled, it makes no sense to compare the percentages (read this article about it). Products that don't use titrated extracts are simply not comparable to ours.

To give a practical example, it is like selling gold pretending to be precious but without declaring its karat: the consumer does not know what he is buying.

But how concentrated is our new extract?

The substances that most characterize Arnica montana, and to which the main therapeutic activities are attributed, are the sesquiterpene lactones contained in the flowers.

The laboratory analyzes carried out on our new extract showed a presence of sesquiterpene lactones equal to 12% , a quantity three - four times higher than the most widespread titrated compound currently on the market (3-4%).

Concentrated Arnica Cream

ARMOULTRA new ultra-powerful formula: NON PLUS ULTRA

Comparing ourselves with the best creams based on titrated Arnica extract on the market, we can say that our new ARMOULTRA has a concentration of active substances ranging from 50% to 100% more.

The index of this high concentration is the very intense color of the cream, a yellow-orange that brings us back to the natural colors of the flowers that can be admired in summer.

With ARMOULTRA, fatigue, trauma and muscle and joint pain will only be a vague memory.

There are Arnica products. Then there is ARMO1191.

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